Terminal Extension

The lookatme.contrib.terminal builtin extension allows terminals to be embedded within slides.

Basic Format

The terminal extension modifies the code block markdown rendering by intercepting code blocks whose language has the format terminal\d+. The number following the terminal string indicates how many rows the terminal should use when rendered (the height).



bash -il

The content of the code block is the command to be run in the terminal. Clicking inside of the terminal gives the terminal focus, which will allow you to interact with it, type in it, etc.

To escape from the terminal, press ctrl+a.

Extended Format

The terminal extension also has a terminal-ex mode that can be used as the language in a code block. When terminal-ex is used, the contents of the code block must be YAML that conforms to the TerminalExSchema schema.

The default schema is shown below:

command: "the command to run"  # required
rows: 10                       # number of rows for the terminal (height)
init_text: null                # initial text to feed to the command. This is
                               #     useful to, e.g., pre-load text on a
                               #     bash prompt so that only "enter" must be
                               #     pressed. Uses the `expect` command.
init_wait: null                # the prompt (string) to wait for with `expect`
                               #     this is required if init_text is set.
init_codeblock: true           # show a codeblock with the init_text as its
                               # content
init_codeblock_lang: text      # the language of the init codeblock



command: bash -il
rows: 20
init_text: echo hello
init_wait: '$> '
init_codeblock_lang: bash