Source code for lookatme.contrib

This module handles loading and using lookatme_contriba modules

Contrib modules are directly used 

import contextlib

from lookatme.exceptions import IgnoredByContrib
from . import terminal
from . import file_loader


[docs]def load_contribs(contrib_names): """Load all contrib modules specified by ``contrib_names``. These should all be namespaced packages under the ``lookatmecontrib`` namespace. E.g. ``lookatmecontrib.calendar`` would be an extension provided by a contrib module, and would be added to an ``extensions`` list in a slide's YAML header as ``calendar``. """ if contrib_names is None: return errors = [] for contrib_name in contrib_names: module_name = f"lookatme.contrib.{contrib_name}" try: mod = __import__(module_name, fromlist=[contrib_name]) CONTRIB_MODULES.append(mod) except Exception as e: errors.append(str(e)) if len(errors) > 0: raise Exception( "Error loading one or more extensions:\n\n" + "\n".join(errors), )
[docs]def contrib_first(fn): """A decorator that allows contrib modules to override default behavior of lookatme. E.g., a contrib module may override how a table is displayed to enable sorting, or enable displaying images rendered with ANSII color codes and box drawing characters, etc. Contrib modules may ignore chances to override default behavior by raising the ``lookatme.contrib.IgnoredByContrib`` exception. """ fn_name = fn.__name__ @contextlib.wraps(fn) def inner(*args, **kwargs): for mod in CONTRIB_MODULES: if not hasattr(mod, fn_name): continue try: return getattr(mod, fn_name)(*args, **kwargs) except IgnoredByContrib: pass return fn(*args, **kwargs) return inner
[docs]def shutdown_contribs(): """Call the shutdown function on all contrib modules """ for mod in CONTRIB_MODULES: getattr(mod, "shutdown", lambda: 1)()